Discount London Tour Tickets

We are running a special promotion for a limited time this summer. If you are luckily enough to have found the TOP SECRET London Spy Tours website you get get massive discounts on ticket prices bought online.

That's Adults tickets reduced from £25 to just £15 and child tickets reduced from £15 to just £10. A family of four from £70 to £50.

Explore our site for more info on our London Spy Tours. Ride on our world famous open top vintage London bus whilst you get to see the famous London landmarks and discover their secrets along the way.

Important: This page will self destruct in 5 seconds.

The tour is excellent value as it offers insight into the hidden machinations of London’s hitherto secret world whilst also taking you close to London’s favourite sites
— Brian S, Cobham

Fancy yourself as 007? Here's your chance to disguise yourself as a tourist, board a Routemaster and spy on London. Beginning in Waterloo, this themed bus tour explores the secret side of top landmarks as well as taking in some less likely tourist destinations, including the headquarters of MI5 and MI6. Once you have located the secret meeting point (scan the Belvedere Road area for an operative loitering by an innocuous-looking open-top bus) you will need to acquire a false identity to board the vehicle without raising suspicion.