We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns, the ones we don’t know we don’t know.
— Donald Rumsfeld, 6th June 2002

What you need to know to complete your mission in London

Whilst in London you need to avoid enemy surveillance, whilst on our tour you will learn about the fascinating and intriguing stories and facts about espionage in London. Touching on the early roman city of Londinium, through to the Cold War with the KGB and todays sophisticated electronic surveillance which monitors your every move.

We offer you much more than a traditional sightseeing tour of London. Discover the secrets of the London streets. Discover the stories behind the famous landmarks. Have you got what it takes to become a spy?

On board Challenges

Whilst on board our tour bus you will need to blend in. There is a Junior Spy Challenge to keep the children alert and entertained and a Spy Code to break also.

We began our Spy tour of London covering all of central Londons key sights, the guide was very knowledgable pointing out all the sights and letting us into the secrets of Londons undercover spy world through out the ages.

I would throughly recommend this tour, as in effect you have a sightseeing tour as well as a Spy tour, so my advice is climb aboard.
— Edward, Trip Advisor Review

Spy Glossary

Agent - The individual employed unofficially by an intelligence service as a source of information

Asset - A clandestine source, usually an agent.

Blown - Discovery of an agents activity or operation being exposed

Burnt - When an agent or officer is compromised

Clean - Unknown to enemy intelligence services

Controller - Also known as a handle. Person in charge of running agents.

Cover Story - The occupation or purpose of an agent. In keeping with an agents background and presence in the target area.

Double Agent - A spy who pretends to be working for one country, but in fact works for their enemy.

Dead Drop - A secret location where items or information can be left or exchanged

Escort - An officer assigned to lead a defector to escape

Front - Usually a legitimate business operation used to cover the actions and activities of an agency.

Legend - A comprehensive cover story created for an operative

Sleeper - AN agent who lives and works in a target country and is only acts when hostilities arise 

Triple Agent - A spy who pretends to be a double agent for one side, but is in fact a double agent for the other.